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Compost Towers

A dozen compost towers made with wood grinds and fence material wound along the edge of the property as a visual barrier as well as a wind and sound buffer.
Each is assembled from 12 feet of fence wire shaped to make about a 3 foot circle with some overlap for strength. There is a 10-12″ tube of chicken wire in the center to act as a chimney and facilitate airflow.
They were filled using approximately 72 5 gallon buckets, this is just under 2 yards of material, I end up adding material as it settles from soaking so it ends up being 2 yards . It took me anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours to build and fill one depending on how far the wood grinds pile was and what mood I was in.

This tower is 6 feet tall and skinny I made it as a column to hold the shade cloth next to the dome.

This is a mini tower being layered with biochar

5 gallon buckets are a great way to portion and transport materials. Less strain more reps, I like to keep my energy input on the aerobic level.

The minis are a good place to layer weeds and other materials as they become available

Wood grinds from local tree trimming and thinning in the forest. Grinds are like chips but more pulverized.

Sheep and horse manure from a local Farm. These animals were being fed organic hay and no drugs.

This is a 10 yard load, you get about 5 of the towers out of a load like this. it’s possible to get chips dropped by the tree trimming companies but its hit or miss on what you get and when.