solar dehydrator 001

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Solar Dehydrator System we put together at Windsong using a basic design I found on the net and tweaking it to use less materials.

Casey did most of the cut and assembly with my help on the fixture, layout, and screening.  Eric built the stand out of pallets and cross pieces set to hold the screens snug, the design allows for good airflow and portability.

The clear sheeting is some Acetate transparency material I got at a discount office supply store for $25.00 for a huge roll. The screen is regular Aluminum window screen, you could use stainless if you are concerned about leaching.

They cost about $25.00 a piece in materials and are big enough, 51″ x 32″ x 4 1/2″, to dry a large amount of fruit.  We’ve had good results drying our apricots and almonds and are looking forward to a good mesquite pod harvest.

I’ll post full drawings and specs in the future