Trail leading from scenic dr to saguaro national park

Saguaro National Park

I took a little hike up into the Saguaro National Park. There is a back way in to some of the trails at the end of scenic dr where I live. It’s about 1/4 mile or so down a rough pavement to dirt road that has been closed in the middle. The road is flanked by mcmansions mostly up slope and little pink houses down slope.

The trail head is basically unmarked except for the National Park Boundary sign and the placard about the school group that has worked the trails. In the accompanying videos I talk a little on how the trail could be improved while facilitating smooth water flow.

Trail leading from scenic dr to saguaro national park

Trail leading up slope from scenic dr into saguaro national park

The trail is steep in places and pretty rough but a beautiful example of High Sonora Desert

The saguaros and pala verde are thick amongst the creosote bushes and lava flows. This whole area was severely clear cut and overgrazed in the past yet the landscape has managed to mostly heal itself. The saguaros some older than 100 years stand as testament to failed attempts at domesticating this area. Standing proudly above the seas of little pink stick houses, the next failed attempt.

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