long and low by bartswindow
long and low, a photo by bartswindow on Flickr.

Bike and trailer, figuring out the load

I built this bike 15 years or so ago in East Cleveland in a shop I had in the Old World neighborhood. I designed, shaped, and Brazed the frame components. It has pretty cheap wheels but a good drive train and a good set of brakes. The seat is still in pretty good shape and is still real comfortable. The BOB trailer and bag will give me plenty of cargo capacity, and I like the way the trailer performs.

The trickiest part may be the guitar, I’m going to try that to Willcox then decide whether to ship it or store it, or just keep carrying it. It’s not a great guitar so if it gets damaged I wouldn’t be out so much and it would be nice to have it along for the off bike time.

I have a good tent and am bartering my Solar oven for a sleeping bag and stove. I’m gonna keep it pretty simple, but I am carrying the lap top camera and phone, at least as long as they last.

The route is mountainous and the gearing on this bike may not be low enough. I hope to sort that out either before I leave or in Silver City. If I can leave it the way it is I will, it’s just low enough for a crawl on the hills and I don’t spin out till the high teens. With a trailer this is good enough.