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Off the grid and on the edge.  Click for Video Log
I’ve taken up residency here at Bean Tree Farm this month and I’m uploading pics and such on the flickr site as this is being typed.

Life here is good I’m learning permaculture by living it. Total immersion in the regenerative lifestyle in a place on the edge of urbanity where we compost everything and harvest in the wild.

There is passive and active solar and rain water collection, gardens, wild crafting, teaching , learning, and activism all wrapped up in a well established on going and growing community. The folks here at Bean Tree Farm are living proof that a permaculture lifestyle can coexist with an urban, or close to urban, lifestyle.

We’re 12 miles or so from the city backed up against the mountains at Saguaro National Park, within easy pedaling distance of anything I might need or even want. Tucson has good bike lanes and public transportation, and a strong permaculture community with lots and lots of working examples of how to make sense in the city.

I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff here soon, just got a lap top and am hankering to write about what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.