This project was such an incredible community builder. Marcus, Colleen, and Lilly have a lot of friends that participated and made a few new ones from people going by. It was a fairly diverse group, with a few teachers people from local not for profits, a couple of retirees and about half a dozen children almost all of whom got to play in the mud. Over the four days I would guess nearly 20 different people showed up.
The work is often close and the chit chat goes on through out the day while mixing or spreading on the mud.
Colleen made excellent lunches, and a few folks brought stuff. People drifted in and out, some coming 3 of the four days.
I hope to do many more of these in the future.
The materials were around $500.00 the whole project took about 3 weeks. I would be interested in facilitating projects like this in nearly any location.
Meeting over the mud